Summer in a Nutshell!

Hello, hello dear readers and happy September! Can you believe that Autumn is already nosing its way around the landscape? Ms. Jeannie hopes you all had a wonderful summer and that you are now as excited about the change of seasons as she is.

It has been quite busy around the Ology house these past two months. The summer garden proved to be one of the most bountiful producers of fruits and vegetables Ms. Jeannie has seen in years…

Clockwise from top left: cosmos flowers, okra, heirloom tomatoes, scuppernongs,zinnias, hot pepper trio, cantaloupe melons, pumpkin, beets.
Clockwise from top left: cosmos flowers, okra, heirloom tomatoes, scuppernongs,zinnias, hot pepper trio, cantaloupe melons, pumpkin, beets.

…and kept her quite busy in the kitchen trying new recipes, making sauces, freezing and canning, cutting and chopping.  In the next few days she will begin planting of the fall garden which will yield another batch of beets and pumpkins, brussels sprouts and beans by the end of October (fingers crossed!).

The book club of course kept her very busy, busy, BUSY, and introduced her to several new favorite authors including these three…


The poetry of Robert W. Service (1874-1958)
Poet Robert W. Service (1874-1958)
The children's stories of Miyoko Matsutani (born 1926)
Children’s book author Miyoko Matsutani (born 1926)


The nature writing of William J. Long (1866-1952)
Naturalist William J. Long (1866-1952)

And reminded her that censorship was alive in just as many home libraries  as public libraries during the 1950’s and 1960’s…

censor 008

More news from the book club included the hiring of its first volunteer…  as you can see he worked just as hard all summer as Ms. Jeannie…

Boyo took his book responsibilities very seriously:)
Boyo took his book responsibilities very seriously:)

And when he wasn’t busy in the “stacks,” he spent the rest of his time content to dream of  Robinson Crusoe worthy adventures…

If nothing else at least he’s well-read:)


When Ms. Jeannie wasn’t busy in the book club, she spent some time outdoors marveling at dreamy summer sunsets…



and at little creatures who camouflaged themselves into big surroundings…


and big birds who fought for an entire week over a little tree limb real estate…



There was a very quick trip to Arizona…

Moonrise in the desert mountains.
Moonrise in the desert mountains.


and friends that came to visit and left footprints behind…

footprint 008

But in the midst of all these moments came the biggest and one of the best highlights of the season…  a new addition to Ms. Jeannie’s family…one that she has been wanting and waiting and hoping for for close to two years now…

Introducing Indie!
Introducing Indie!

A new pup! Named Indie for her independent spirit, she came to Ms. Jeannie via the same hobo highway as Boyo. One day she just showed up in the yard, all wiggly and excited,  heart in hand, ready to move-in. After calling all over everywhere  to vets and animal shelters, sheriff offices and police departments, newspapers and humane societies for an entire month, even taking her to be scanned for a micro-chip,  Indie said… No way, Ms. Jeannie – you’ll never solve this mystery. I’ve come for you. I’m here to stay and that is that.

And so she was. Here to stay.  That is that.

And this, dear readers, was Ms. Jeannie’s summer in one very brief, very busy and very beautiful nutshell.  What were some of your best moments of the summer?



10 thoughts on “Summer in a Nutshell!

  1. Nice….off to Phoenix for apps. today….maybe we can chat T or F…I will be home those days….Have a good day…Love Mom xxo

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  2. Your photography is marvelous! I bet Boyo and Indie look great together! Congratulations on the new addition to your family.


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