Fruits & Flowers – Garden Update: Day 68

Here it is, my dears, just over 2 months from original plant date and we some fruit from all of our labor!

The jalapenos are almost ready for picking!


The cherry tomatoes were a surprise!  The seedlings were given to Ms. Jeannie as a gift by a farmer at the farmers market, who had under-estimated his seedling growing abilities.   Ms. Jeannie, at the time, didn’t think to ask him what kinds of tomato plants they were, assuming, most likely,  they were some sort of traditional red summer tomato. But to her surprise, one plant turned out to be yellow cherry tomatoes! Always such a pretty choice in summer dishes! The other plant is growing much bigger tomatoes so we’ll just have to wait and see what those develop into! Since she was so forunate with the yellows – Ms. Jeannie is secretly hoping the others are a purple heirloom variety!

Yellow Cherry Tomatoes

Bell peppers are growing bigger every day!  Ms. Jeannie is holding out for red ones so she has to fight the urge to pick them early!

Bell Peppers

And a red sunflower nestled between stalks and leaves just opened up yesterday. He’s in a tricky little spot so it’s hard to get a good picture. Perhaps he’s a little shy!

Red Sunflower

Coming soon: English peas, Mexican sunflowers, snow peas, sweet potatoes, mystery tomatoes and many many many more sunflowers:)


2 thoughts on “Fruits & Flowers – Garden Update: Day 68

  1. What green fingers you have indeed, mine are well behind yours but I live in Bonny Scotland and our seasons are quite a bit behind. Well done.


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