Think Outside the Frame: Creative Ways to Display Vintage Photographs

The wonderfully rich colors and simple compositions of vintage photographs make stunning visual displays, if you allow yourself to think beyond the traditional picture frame.

A Guy Named Guy from msjeannieology

Ms. Jeannie likes to tuck old pictures here and there around the house, in unexpected places, so that when she happens upon them, its almost like she’s discovering them for the first time again. It is delightfully fresh decorating!

Below are some fun and creative ways to display your favorite photos (click on each photo for additional info)…

1. In a folding ruler:

In A Folding Ruler from havenvintage

2. On a metal rake…

Metal Rake from alifewelllived

3. In a mason jar…

Vintage Canning Jars from thevintaquarian

4. On an oil can…

Vintage Oil Can Collection from ThatsVintageBaby

5. In a toast rack…

Vintage Silver Toast Rack from ACreativeLifestyle

6. On a vintage receipt holder…

Vintage Receipt Holder from jollytimeone

7. On a hanger…

Metal Skirt Hanger from thisvintagething

8. In a flower frog…

Industrial Flower Frog from bluebell

9.  In a record holder…

Vintage Record Holder from MyraMelinda

10. On a clipboard…

Vintage White Marble Clipboard from LittleSistersSecret

11. On a purse…

Upcycled Black Alligator Handbag Wall Hanging from SassyTrashAntiques

12. On an embroidery hoop-like display board…

Round Pin Photo Memory Board from ZanaProducts

13. In an open chest…

Antique Doll Chest from LuncheonetteVintage

14. In a cup holder…

Vintage Porcelain Bathroom Fixture Cupholder from anythinggoeshere

15.  On a fork… (ok – this one isn’t a photo, but you get the idea)…

Farmhouse Recipe Holder from JennasBeachRetreat

If you have your own creative way of displaying vintage photographs, please share with us. Photos are welcome:)

3 thoughts on “Think Outside the Frame: Creative Ways to Display Vintage Photographs

  1. My favorite thing in the world to do is decorate with the old and the new. My house is constantly changing and evolving. LOVE seeing blogs and articles about antique decor. Excellent! I wouldn’t even know where to start if I sent you pictures!


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