Thank You! Design Love Fest

A big thank you to Stephanie from Design Love Fest for featuring Ms. Jeannie’s Climb Any Thing vintage flash cards on her blog today! Click on the photo to go directly to the blog post…

Design Love Fest blog

Design Love Fest is the incredibly creative blog started by Bri Embry, which combines her love of photography and type face. Such a unique combo but so complimentary. Ms. Jeannie is  a HUGE fan of font herself!  A few years ago, she watched this documentary called Helvetica.  I know,  it sounds not very exciting – but it is really fascinating! Many of Ms. Jeannie’s friends like to chide her for her interest in it, using the documentary as a qualifer…’Well it is not Helverica, but…” anyway – it was well done…

Here’s the trailer – you can see for yourself…

The vintage flash cards are not printed in Helvetica font – but are none the less fun and engaging! Ms. Jeannie has several available in her shop, so if they intrigue you, stop by and have a look.  They are from the 1949 Alice & Jerry Second Reader edition, which was intended as a teaching tool for early readers at the second grade level.

Ms. Jeannie likes to get a little philosophical with these! Each word on their own is so powerful. Combine them and you practically have a war with words!

More Alice & Jerry cards will be available soon in Ms. Jeannie’s shop so keep your eyes out. In the meantime, peruse Design Love Fest  for an amazing little escapade into the land of lovelies…

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