Nymph & Nyle: The New Kids on the Block

The other day, Ms. Jeannie’s next door neighbor came home with two new additions.

New neighbors!

Ms. Jeannie heard them before she ever saw them. Crying and bleating for two days straight, Ms. Jeannie thought that what she was hearing were actually small children playing in the yard. Relatives, she assumed visiting  their family.  As it turns out – it was a different kind of kid altogether!

To give you an idea of what they sounded like, Ms. Jeannie found this video on youtube. They sounded exactly like that (minus the chickens!).

Poor things. These two were making so much noise because they are little baby goats and they were missing their mom and trying to adjust to their new surroundings. On day 3 though, calm came, they settled in and were as quiet as can be. Which is the preferred way to keep goats. Apparently a silent goat is a happy goat!

It always look likes they are smiling!
It always look likes they are smiling!

These two are Boer goats which is a meat goat, as opposed to a milk goat, that originated in South Africa. Ms. Jeannie really hopes that her neighbor has no intention of putting these two on the dinner table. They’ve only been in the neighborhood for less than a week, but already Ms. Jeannie loves them.

At first they were very shy and skittish and stayed back near the tree line on the other side of the pasture, far from Ms. Jeannie and the fence.   But it just took a little bit of time and some natural curiosity before they made friends.  Now whenever they see Ms. Jeannie, they come hopping, like bunny rabbits, over to the fence and let Ms. Jeannie scratch their noses. She hasn’t spoken to her neighbor to see if they have names yet – but Ms. Jeannie has given them pet names of her own. Nymph on the left, Nyle on the right.

Boer goats have only been in the United States since 1993, so they haven’t been around long. But they are gaining fast in popularity because they easily adapt to their environments, have docile temperaments and grow quickly.  Ms. Jeannie was surprised to learn that these two will weigh anywhere from 190lbs. to 340 lbs. pounds once they fully mature. That’s one big goat! (or two in this case!). Right now they are the size of a medium sized dog and weigh in the 30-50 pound range. It’s hard to imagine them growing five to six times bigger!

Because Ms. Jeannie shares a fence-line with this neighbor, she sort of feels a little bit like these are her goats too. It’s fun to have new faces in the side yard!  Ms. Jeannie will keep you posted all summer long on the progress of Nymph and Nyle  as they grow up. Until next time, they both send a few bahhhs your way!

Cheers to new friends!
Cheers to new friends!

4 thoughts on “Nymph & Nyle: The New Kids on the Block

  1. These 2 are adorable. Glad they are adjusting, their cries made my heart break a little. I don’t think I have ever seen a 200 lb. goat! Keep us posted. Love their names!!


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