Goat Update: The Adventures of Nymph and Nyle

The other day Ms. Jeannie came home to this scene…

A visitor.
A visitor.

That’s Nyle, as you’ll recall from a previous post, the neighbor’s goat. The flora and fauna feast he’s enjoying are Ms. Jeannie’s scrub bushes in her side yard.

On first glance she thought “Oh look how handsome that goat is!” A second later she realized that seeing Nyle standing there in her yard chewing on her bushes, meant that he had jumped the fence and decided on a visit.

Ms. Jeannie called her neighbor to let him know that Nyle had a bit of wanderlust and was traveling southbound via the sideyard shrubbery.

While she waited for her neighbor, Ms. Jeannie went out to visit with Nyle, who of course,  was perfectly pleased to share stories of his adventure…

Hey, Ms. Jeannie!

After recounting the experience, hoof by hoof, Nyle decided that the ice cream topper on this festive occasion would be a good old fashioned game of hide and seek.

"Here I go , Ms. Jeannie. I'll hide and you find me," said Nyle.
“Here I go , Ms. Jeannie. I’ll hide and you find me,” said Nyle.
How 'bout now?
“Can you see me now?”
"How 'bout now?"
“How ’bout now?”

Nymph looked on from her side of the fence (the right side!) like she was watching a movie unfold.

The chickens were equally captivated by Nyle's antics.
“These leaves are just as tasty as popcorn. “

Even the chickens were captivated…

Even the chickens were captivated. Just where will Nyle hide next?
“Just where will Nyle hide next?”
Can I fit in a bucket?
“Can I fit in a bucket?”

Just as Nyle was debating such proportions, Ms. Jeannie’s neighbor came to collect him.

There's no hiding from the hand that feeds you.
There’s no hiding from the hand that feeds you.

Back over the fence went Nyle.

See ya later, Ms. Jeannie.
See ya later, Ms. Jeannie.

“That’s one special character,” said Ms. Jeannie to her neighbor.

“Yeah that Billy Bob, he’s just about as friendly as goats get.”

And that’s the moment when Ms. Jeannie learned that her Nymph and Nyle are actually named Billy Bob and Betty Boop. She also learned that they go bananas for Saltine crackers, that before the end of the year Nymph (aka Betty Boop) will be a mom and (thankfully), that these two are bound for breeding and not table food. So we can all rest assured on that point.  Ms. Jeannie can hardly wait to see the little tiny baby goats these two produce!

Thanks for the fun Billy Bob Nyle!

Thanks for the fun afternoon Billy Bob Nyle!


3 thoughts on “Goat Update: The Adventures of Nymph and Nyle

  1. This story is GREAT but what sold me was the last photo of Billy Bob. Jesus that is a great photo. Love your blog. Can’t wait for more.


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