Winter Wonderland!

Oh dear readers, it finally came! Snow. Right here in the South.


And nobody was more excited yesterday about this magical event then Ms. Jeannie.  Well except for the birds – they seemed positively thrilled with this wintertime treat too:) The bird feeder was aflutter with activity all day long.


As the snow snow started to accumulate and the sky grew darker – the cardinals came for a visit and decorated one of the crepe myrtles just like it was a christmas trees and they were the ornaments.


Nothing brings out of every detail in the yard like a little bit of snow…







The total accumulation was one inch, which is pretty paltry compared to our northern neighbors,  but when it only snows  once every 3 or 4 years here that seems like a blizzard 🙂

Ms. Jeannie believes that this was BoyO’s first introduction to snow.


Frankly – he didn’t quite seem to care for it so much –  preferring, instead, to dream about the snow here…


As you can see he has flawlessly worked his way from being a summer stray (okay stay but outdoor only, please!)  to  being an indoor kitty that now occasionally visits the great outdoors. How clever of him!  At least he has wonderful house manners:)

Ms. Jeannie hopes that everyone is having a wonderful start to the New Year. It’s been quiet on the blog all month as Ms. Jeannie has been especially busy this month working on her vintage book of the month club which now has close to 80 members. Goodness gracious. It’s fun to know so many new readers:)

In the next post – you’ll see that another of Ms. Jeannie’s wishes (in addition to a good snowfall!) came true this past Christmas thanks to the lovely and talented Mr. Jeannie. Stay tuned…


6 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland!

  1. Was wondering how you faired with the new snowfall! Fantastic photos… always….looks short-lived but those are the best kind of snowy days! BoyO is one smart cat!


  2. Oh, clever boy! Isn’t it amazing how far a little charm and good manners will take you? We too had a wonderful snowfall all through the night and the world looks crisp & white and is so beautifully quiet. Lovely photos!


  3. Just stopped by and am enjoying your bird photos. We have a feeder and each of these kinds of birds are regular visitors- but I hadn’t been sure about the identity of the house finch. They are at our feeder quite often, so it’s good to have that mystery cleared up!
    Quite a few years back I lived in an apartment that faced a lovely little tree lined neighborhood park and one particular winter the crows came and practically lived on the trees. They would arrive en masse and fill the trees like black leaves– cawwing and cawwing. It was spectacular! I just loved it — although they did tend to arrive rather early in the mornings at times. They spent the winter traveling back and fourth from our little park and our huge cemetery right near Olmstead’s Delaware Park. I imagine your black birds are just as feisty.
    So lovely to see all your photos!


    1. Oh Kathi – what a marvelous story about your crows. It is always fascinating when birds are in big groupings. Like pigeons in a park or seagulls at the beach you can really see their different personalities come through when there are so many. There is a heron that has, as of late, been seen frequenting our creek. It is a shy creature though – every time we are close off it goes flapping, flapping, flapping over the tree line. It is our hope that he/she intends to take up residence there so that we can observe this magnificent beauty more closely. More posts hopefully to come on that subject soon. In the meantime, you get a gold star for all your bird watching! If you see anything unusual at your feeder please send a picture!


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