Novelgangers: Actors That Look Like Authors

In celebration of the fun and breezy holiday weekend ahead, this is a fun and breezy blog post centering around a curious trend that Ms. Jeannie has been noticing lately as she has been preparing book bios for the book club.

A lot of people are starting to look alike around here. Hmmm… a little backstory…

Every book that goes out in the book club is accompanied by an information sheet containing the following:

– a story bio (so that you know what your book is about)

– an author bio (so that you can learn more about your book’s writer) or a vintage review of the book (so that you can get a sense of what the critics thought of your book way back when)

– and a photo portrait of the author.

After two years with the book club, you can imagine Ms. Jeannie is amassing quite a lot of information and quite a lot of author photographs. It was in working on that aspect of the club that she began to notice certain facial characteristics between authors long ago and contemporary actors today.  Is this too many late night hours spent researching author bios and laying out book bio cards? Or is it the ultimate genealogy challenge – could all these actors be related to their novelgangers (thanks to Mr. Jeannie Ology for the creative twist of the word doppleganger) through some sort of crazy branch in their family tree?

Here’s some examples…. (contemporary actors on the left, vintage authors on the right)



















Dear readers you decide! Do you see the similarities too or are Ms. Jeannie’s eyes getting too warbled up in her work?! Post your comments below or if you’ve noticed similarities with other actor/authors too send them along and Ms. Jeannie will post them as a follow up.


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