Detecting A Case: Part One

A couple of blog posts back Ms. Jeannie had you don your pith helmet and your safari gear for some adventure travel with the Roosevelts.  This week we are changing costumes and donning new personas. Sherlock Holmes hat and magnifying glasses please! That’s right, dear readers, there is a mystery to be solved concerning this handsome treasure…


It is a vintage art book from the 1940’s featuring folio sized images from popular collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Don’t let that plain red cover fool you. It’s full of beautiful images and colorful art on the inside…


In addition to over 55 art prints, this book also contains ten pages of interesting narrative on the Museum’s collection and fun facts on the art pieces featured in the folio…


As Ms. Jeannie was going through the pages of the narrative, learning new information about old art, she turned from page 11 to page 12 and came upon a piece of paper. A prestigious piece of paper to say the least…


Oh my! From one of the most famous residences in the country,  a handwritten note! Who is it from? What does it say? When was was it written? Stay tuned dear readers as Ms. Jeannie embarks on the case of the Mysterious Masterpiece…


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