106 Years Later, Dudley Sends a Message: A Preview of Things to Come

A letter postmarked 104 years ago to the very day!
A letter postmarked 106 years ago to the very day!

How mysteriously wonderful is this dear readers? Ms. Jeannie has been running around so crazy this week she barely has had a moment to breathe let alone time to stop and smell the roses.  Thank goodness she took care of that last week! But then, just when she thought she was going to spin herself silly, Dudley stepped into her life like a little angel with a message. Dudley, is Florence’s brother, as in Miss Florence Taylor of New Berlin, NC.  Ms. Jeannie became reacquainted with the two siblings when she discovered this old letter tucked away in an even older box that she had not looked through in quite a few years.


The correspondence is  a typical brother/sister conversation… not much new here…sorry I haven’t written… the weather is fine…looking forward to coming home for a break…send my love to everyone…etc, etc, etc. But what struck Ms. Jeannie as most exceptional about this letter was not the contents, dear readers, but the date! Postmarked exactly 106 years ago today – October 19th, 1908! Imagine that! That’s Dudley’s message to Ms. Jeannie – to take time for a break so that you can see the details in life instead of just pushing past with productivity.

Thank you Dudley!

So in the spirit of Ms. Jeannie’s wise pen-pal, she is taking a moment to stop and share some lovely new treasures with you that will soon be added to the shop. It’s like a little preview show dedicated to details! If anything catches your heart, leave a message in the comments section and Ms. Jeannie will be happy to reserve the item in your name.

Vintage 1930's First Edition book - Lady - This is Love - $25.00
Vintage 1930’s First Edition book – Lady – This is Love – $25.00

A rare first edition book published in 1930 looks at the humorous side of love from feminist author Irene Bueno de Mesquita. Great cover typography makes this a wonderful coffee table book or eye-catching wall art if you are so inclined to frame it. Interesting details include handwritten notes from a previous owner who has her own attitude on love…


A beautiful 9.5″ inch x 13.5″ inch vintage framed botanical print in all its elegant shades of beige, black, lavender and green comes to the vintage home decor section of the shop. Botanical prints are one of the prettiest ways to showcase your love of flowers.  Especially in winter when it becomes difficult to remember what the summer landscape looked like buried under all that snow. This print works well in all seasons because it contains both light and dark colors and a natural, aged vignette which helps add a layer of warmth and dimension.


It is as pretty on one side as it is handsome on the other. A whole completely different story is written in the compromised papering of the back…


Call Ms. Jeannie crazy but she finds a lot of beauty in the backsides of antique art. Their subtle color shades, the thin delicate wire hangings, the marks of time and place…


It’s dramatic and different while being subtle and soothing at the same time! Sometimes it’s just nice to let your imagination create its own picture.

And speaking of pictures, three new vintage photographs are coming! Each of them contain fun and whimsical details about life lived long ago…

Little Carola on haystack circa 1957. $6.00 Love her shoes!
Little Carola on haystack circa 1957. $6.00
Love her shoes!


Men at Work - $9.00. Love the slight smile on foreground face. It's not all serious in this office!
Men at Work – $9.00. Love the slight smile on the foreground face. It’s not all serious in this office!


The Road Trip - circa 1950's. Love the head scarves and the school sweater!
The Road Trip – $8.00  Love the head scarves and the school sweater! Circa 1950’s.


Of course Ms. Jeannie will be telling some stories surrounding this trio of scenes as she likes to do with all the old photographs in her shop.

If you follow Ms. Jeannie on Twitter or on Facebook (which she just joined!) then you will receive a message when all of these above items have been listed in her shop. Look for these and more fun treasures coming soon! Hope you are having just as much fun during your weekend as these ladies above had during their road trip!