Cheers to Year Five and the New Direction It’s Inspired!


Today spirits are soaring in the land of Ms. Jeannie as we celebrate the fifth year birthday of the blog. Can you believe it dear readers? Five years! A major accomplishment for a perpetual on-the-goer like Ms. Jeannie, it feels like both a whirlwind and also a very long, slow dance around the tree of fulfillment.

When the blog was born on February 27th, 2012 there was no clear cut plan or outline as to what would be discussed post by post, month by month, year by year other than a some-what vague determination to bring forgotten stories of the past to light once again.  There was never even any inkling of assurance that the blog would stick around and make it to a one year birthday and then a two year birthday and then a three. But now over 225 posts and over 900 readers later this blog has traveled around the world wrapping up centuries of history into one tidy bundle. There have been interviews and cooking experiments, nature walks and road trips, books and movies, art and fashion and the sale of over 1000 antiques all dissected and discussed through the lens of history here on the blog. We’ve learned a lot in five years!

In covering such a wide variety of topics a narrower focus has come into view, and a new passion has been ignited, which means a very big (BIG!) change is coming to the land of Ms. Jeannie. It’s an evolution of the most exciting proportions and a realization that would have never come about had these past five years of experience not existed. Stay tuned over the course of this next week to learn about the all-new adventures ahead!

And as always thank you (THANK YOU!) dear readers for traveling through history alongside Ms. Jeannie. Your enthusiasm and your engagement have kept the flames of curiosity fed for all these years. Cheers to you!