Twitter and the Birdbath

Happy (post) 4th of July! It was a rainy one here in Ms. Jeannie’s neck of the woods, so instead of traditional fireworks,  she and Mr. Jeannie watched fireflies,  grilled in the rain and made frozen lemon mousse for dessert (recipes coming soon!). It was a magnificently delicious day.

It has been so stormy here for the past week, but luckily, this afternoon,  there was a brief break in the clouds  and the sun appeared for a little bit. And do you know what , dear readers? No one seemed more excited about this occurrence than the birds, whom immediately took to the birdbath. This seemed sort of ironic to Ms. Jeannie – but who is she really, to question the bathing  habits of her feathered friends.

Anyway, it was a bevy of activity. A veritable line up of birds, waiting patiently to get in. Some opted for a full fledged bath…

brown bird
Brown Thrasher

While another bird just opted just to get his feet wet and wade about…


Mockingbird was making a big production of his pool time.  The others were in and out in a flash…

In, Dunk, Shake, Out
In, Dunk, Shake, Out.

But that Mockingbird, he just wanted to take his time.

Sort of la-de-dah-ing away the afternoon.

The other birds thought they could share the pool – but Mockingbird would have none of it. “Wait your turn,” he said.

Wait your turn. I'm not done yet.
I’m not done yet.

But Mother Nature knew how to reprimand his inability to share, for as soon as he chased Brown Thrasher away, the sun disappered, the thunder rumbled and the rain came down again…

Rained out.
Bath time’s over. The pool is closed.

Now Mockingbird is nowhere to be seen. But you can bet he’s close by. Ms. Jeannie is just sure that he’ll be the first one pack in the pool once the sky clears again:)

On another bird front…Ms. Jeannie is pleased to announce that she has joined the great big blue bird’s nest on the internet…Twitter! 


She’s not quite sure how to use it all yet – but she’ll get there eventually. You can keep up with her here if you are around the neighborhood.  She looks forward to expanding her horizons and reading all that you post. So of course, if you are on Twitter as well, please let Ms. Jeannie know so that she can follow along with you.

Cheers to a sunnier weekend!