The Summer Reading List

The other day, Mr. Jeannie Ology feared the worst. That Ms. Jeannie wound be done in. In the night. By the toppling tower of books that has taken up residence on her tiny night stand next to the bed.

“One wrong flip of your hand and you’ll be dead.”

Ms. Jeannie hadn’t even considered these possibilities. There are a lot of books. But Ms. Jeannie has plans to read each and every one this summer. Mr. Jeannie said it was an ambitious goal.

Ms. Jeannie's summer reading.
Ms. Jeannie’s summer reading.

Perhaps. But Ms. Jeannie is of the ambitious sort, so it is only fitting. Besides, she tells Mr. Jeannie – there could be worse things in life than death by books:)

And so she presents her summer reading list…

Ms. Jeannie promised her handsome husband that after reading each book and thoughtfully thinking about it – she’ll retire it to the towering stacks on the dresser far, far away from the bed. By September, she should be out of harm’s way. Quite possibly, also by then, a new batch of handmade bookshelves will be finished. (hint, hint, Mr. Jeannie!).

Last week, Ms. Jeannie fell in love with this house full of bookshelves from the Hooked on Houses blog.

Photo courtesy of Click the photo to see the entire house.
Photo courtesy of Click the photo to see the entire house.

You don’t have to worry about any sudden death here! Perhaps one day, Ms. Jeannie will be appropriately organized with her book collection. Until then, she’ll just have to take it one story at a time.

What’s on your summer reading list? If you’ve read any of the books in Ms. Jeannie’s list above,  please let her know which ones and what you thought.

Happy reading and happy weekend!