Paris House: Ms. Jeannie and the Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago, Ms. Jeannie was contacted by Paris House in regards to doing a photo shoot for a few of their products. Sharon at PH was very complimentary of the photos in Ms. Jeannie’s Etsy shop and thought it would be fun to photograph some of the Paris House bags and clutches in similar fashion.

Based in New Zealand, Paris House not only offers completely original bags and accessories but also the experience of thinking outside of the proverbial conversation box. Here are some examples…


Everything is made of of the softest, plushiest leather, and they all contain gold embellishments and quirky sayings, both on the inside and outside.

This is more from the Paris House 2012 Catalog…

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

As soon as the box of bags arrived Ms. Jeannie got to work thinking about fun and creative ways to photograph these fun and creative items. Because the bags are brassy and modern with their sassy gold illustrations and because they are classically luxurious in texture, she thought that industrial type props would be a nice contrast…

Envelope clutch. Click for more info.
Envelope clutch with weathered bricks. Click for more info.

As she was photographing this clutch, Ms. Jeannie started thinking about a little story involving the eyelashes and paparazzi. So she got out her vintage Brownie camera and incorporated it into the photo shoot. It was easy for Brownie to fall in love with the golden eyed beauty.


The backside says peeping tom on it!
The backside of the clutch says Peeping Tom on it!
The inside of the bag says: Love to my sister who just got married.
The inside of the bag says: Love to my sister who just got married.

Next, Ms. Jeannie went on a little travel adventure with a weekender bag that lost his way…

The caption on this bag reads: Should this bag ever wander, smack his bum and send him home.
The caption on this bag reads: Should this bag ever roam, smack his bum & send him home.

The inside had little illustrations that carry the fun from out to in…


Those little fruit characters really called out to Ms. Jeannie, so the next envelope clutch was all about fun with bedazzled fruits…

This bag states
This bag states: Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

That sounds like a statement Helen Gurley Brown would have made!

It is difficult to mention Helen Gurley Brown and then right after not to mention men, so Ms. Jeannie changed gears and went to work on the Fantastic Man zipper pouch..

Underneath Fantastic Man it says kisses!
Underneath Fantastic Man it says kisses!

In Ms. Jeannie’s opinion, any well-read man is a fantastic man.  And who was one of history’s most fantastic, most well-read men? Why none other than Hemingway of course! So here’s a nod in his direction…

Ms. Jeannie thinks Hemingway would approve of the fantastic man comparison:)
Ms. Jeannie thinks Hemingway would approve of the deer antler addition.

Then of course, one cannot think about Ernest without thinking of his famous “write drunk, edit sober” quote so Ms. Jeannie carried on into a night of partying with the Two Drunken Couples zipper pouch…


On such a wildly entertaining night as this, of course, just about a billion and a half stories unfolded. So many in fact that inspiration for the Dear Sophie zippered pouch came about from stacks of stories in stacks of notebooks…

Dear Sophie:
Dear Sophie, Everything I have is yours except my boyfriend.

And now Dear Sophie and her stacks of stories from the drunken night now sit on the homepage of the Paris House website…

As you know, Ms. Jeannie just loves everything that tells a story, and these bags do such a good job of giving you a little slice of creative inspiration. Wouldn’t it be fun to combine all  these little sayings into one short story? It would be an interesting one at that! Ms. Jeannie might just have to set out on such a challenge. In the meantime, stop by the Paris House website and peruse their vast collection of fun and whimsical items here.

And, when conversation hits a lull at the next party or dinner date you attend, you can call on Dear Sophie or the drunken couple to liven things up a little bit:)

Happy shopping!