Garden Update: Day 31

Well my dears, in what surely must be some sort of record, the sunflowers have grown an amazing 11 inches since our last garden update 14 days ago.

11 inches in 14 days! Ms. Jeannie’s going to need to get a longer ruler!

That’s about 3/4 of an inch per day!

Over 14″ inches tall as of today!

How exciting! Ms. Jeannie’s not trying to rush the days – but she can’t wait until they flower:)

Just to refresh- the target bloom date is Ms. Jeannie’s birthday – June 16th. A month and a half away. If they continue on this growing rate they will be about 55″ inches tall in mid-June, which would put that at about 4.5′ feet tall.

According to the seed packet, this Moulin Rouge variety of red sunflower reaches an average height of  6′ feet tall, so we don’t quite know yet if Ms. Jeannie will have that birthday bouquet or not. Oh the garden suspense!


Garden Update: Day 16

Today marks day 16 of the garden growing process. Ms. Jeannie woke to find the very tips of her little sunflower seedlings just barely peeking over the brim of their vintage water trough container…

Just peeking!

She brought her ruler along with her when she went out to water this morning.  The seedlings are just a hair under 3″ inches tall now.

The most amazing part though is that on some of them the leaf span is almost 6″ inches wide! Goodness gracious they are growing up and out!

Garden Update: Pushing 2!

Ms. Jeannie woke to happy little sunflower sprouts this morning! She took her ruler out to water with her and was excited to see that they are close to 2 inches tall already.

Sunflower sprouts measure up!

She also had a special visit from the Easter bunny, who has seemed to take up residence in an old tree stump near the driveway. She was one quick little rabbit – too fast to grab a picture today. But now that Ms. Jeannie knows she’s got a neighbor, she’ll be more prepared next time.

Thank goodness those seeds were planted in an old water trough instead of directly in the ground. Otherwise bunny might have thought Ms. Jeannie had extended an invitation to dinner!