Summer Reading Sale! 15% off all Vintage Book Purchases

Nature's Year: The Season's of Cape Cod by John Hay
Nature’s Year: The Season’s of Cape Cod by John Hay (1961) First Edition

To ring in the summer season, Ms. Jeannie is having a vintage book sale in her shop. Within her vintage library you’ll find all sorts of entertaining reads (over 40 in number!) from rare books to vintage classics, cookbooks to romance novels, fascinating biographies to first class fiction.

Here’s a sampling of what’s available…

Vintage Cookbooks

Spanning the 1930’s to the 1970’s… these make great gifts for summer birthdays, thank you gifts, hostess gifts or just a treat for yourself. If you are a food blogger, you’ll find a plethora of writing and cooking material in any one of these vintage gems.


Esquire Cookbook for Men (1955) with fabulously colorful retro illustrations by the whimsical illustrator Charmatz

How To Cook and Eat in Chinese (1945) Very rare classic Asian cookbook with an intro by Pearl S. Buck

Glamour Magazine’s New After Five Cookbook (1963) An entire year of menus and recipes designed for the mid-century career woman

The Israeli Cookbook (1964) Inspired by the multi-cultural nation of Israel and the millions of passengers of El-Al Airlines who have flown to and from the Holy Lands with generations of their families recipes. Contains Jewish heritage foods, Mediterranean staples,  Kosher approved foods and Middle Eastern specialties.


The Art of Regional Italian Cooking (1963): Explore all the regional favorites of the entire country in one cookbook!

Food Preservation (1930) – Just in time for summer harvesters! Learn how, why, when and what to can, jar or preserve. Ideal for first time experimenters as well as seasoned professionals this book offers a bevy of recipes and techniques!

Mastering the Art of French Cooking: Volume II (1970 edition) – Julia Child… your favorite friend in the French kitchen!

Gifts For Guys

Looking for a special Father’s Day gift for the dad in your life? You can never ever go wrong with a book! Each purchase comes gift wrapped and tied up in a handsome bow at no extra charge.


The Racing Driver by Denis Jenkinson (1969) – For the speedster in your life – this is the ultimate manual of competition racing. Does your guy love Nascar? Indy races? European motor sports? Then this is the gift for him!

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (1958) – A mid-century paperback bound in bright green for the bright boy inside:) Vintage classics also make fun gifts for grads too!

Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis (1944) – A war-time edition of an American classic by a Pulitzer Prize winning author. The gorgeous striped dust jacket makes this little marvel as handsome in presentation as it is in content. Arrowsmith tells the story of the career of Martin Arrowsmith, doctor and scientist from middle America who eventually discovers a virus attributed to the bubonic plague. When an ironic and disastrous event occurs, Martin must rethink his life, his career path and his dreams.

For Whom The Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway (1968 edition) – Ernest needs no introduction but the story might i you are unfamiliar…For Whom the Bell Tolls is the story of American Robert Jordan who fought, loved and died in the mountains of Spain during the Spanish Civil War. All man this one – and your guy will look extra cute reading it as well:)

The Rubyiat of A Freshman by H.C.Witwer (1921) – A very rare book of humorous fiction surrounding letters between a son away at college and his dad back home. Full of great Jazz Age references and funny situations, this book would be lovely for dads with college age kids or for recent graduates.

Gifts For Gals

Beach reads, escapist fiction, intriguing biographies and classic romances round out this collection for the ladies. Ms. Jeannie looks for books that not only make for great personal entertainment but also for interesting and thought-provoking conversation afterward. Impress your friends with all you’ve learned!


Jason by Justus Miles Forman (1909) Escape to early 1900’s Paris with this romance adventure/detective novel. Jason is the story of a disappearance of a rich young man in Paris and the search for him by two young suitors vying for his sister’s hand. It is a love story and a detective novel all in one written by one of the brightest young authors of the early 20th century.  Read the tragic real-life story of the author here:

My Life With Jacqueline Kennedy by Mary Barelli Gallagher (1969) – Dive into the inner world of the couple from Camelot as experienced by Jacqueline Kennedy’s personal secretary. This book is hand-signed by the author which makes it unique and personable. A lovely gift for any fan of the Kennedy’s or for lovers of mid-century history.

The Collected Stories of Jean Stafford by Jean Stafford (1969) – A beautifully presented first edition volume of short stories by American author Jean Stafford. This book went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1970.

Good Luck by Elizabeth Werner (1895) – Another beauty on the bookshelf, this romance novel contains gorgeous marbled markings and a fun title. Know someone that could use a little good luck in their lives? Then this is the book for them!

The Glimpses of the Moon by Edith Wharton ( 1922) – A vintage first edition about to celebrate its 100th birthday in just a few short years, The Glimpses of the Moon tells the story of Nick Lansing and his gal pal Susy Branch as they embark on a faux marriage determined to live the high life at the expense of their friends hospitality. Set during the Jazz Age of the early 1920s, Nick and Susy traipse around the world looking for love, life and excitement, only to discover that all their adventuring holds a few surprises for them as well. An interesting fun fact: Edith Wharton was the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize in 1921 for her novel The Age of Innocence.

Crag and Pine: Desultory Tales of Colorado by Elizabeth Holloway (1893) – A very very rare treasure – this has to be one of the most beautifully written collections of short stories ever! Moody, poetic, romantic, dreamy…for excerpts, see the full listing here.

This is just a sampling of the types of books Ms. Jeannie offers in her shop. You’ll find a complete list of vintage and antique books available here. Find one that you love? Use coupon code READER for 15% off your purchase upon checkout.


Happy reading!!!