Surprise in the Fig Bush!

It’s fig season in Ms. Jeannie’s world!  They have been coming in over the past week now in full force, which means picking every day.

It’s fig season!

With all that rain yesterday (over 1.25″ inches) from Hurricane Issac, Ms. Jeannie went out to pick today, prepared with a big bucket. Joining the mosquitoes, bees and butterflies, Ms. Jeannie set to task picking and pulling. As she got closer to the center of the bush, she discovered a surprise…

Garden Surprise

A stray grey cat! He turned out to be very sweet and quite a fig picking companion. Apparently he had quite a story to tell too – meowing the whole time…

Quite a handsome little thing, Ms. Jeannie is not sure where he came from, so she’ll call around to the neighbors and see if anyone is missing a sociable pal. In the meantime, he seems content to explore the yard here at Ms. Jeannie’s.

As for the figs…Ms. Jeannie’s bucket overflowed with over 5lbs! A friend is going to be giving her a jam lesson – so she’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.


4 thoughts on “Surprise in the Fig Bush!

  1. Cut, how wonderful to be able to get figs!!! Yum! Hope you aren’t getting too deluged with rain. Hopefully we will get someof that in a couple of days.


  2. What a lovely find, I too found a wee cat a few weeks ago with her paw in my old watering can trying to reach water, we gave her some food and she purred so much, but she was so very thin and we knew she had to get attention, our great Vet opened up at 6pm just for us and managed to save her just in time, it turned out she had thyroid problems and was about to go into heart failure, we phoned back a few days later to hear she is doing well and on the mend although it will take some time. Now that was a phone call I did & didn’t want to make but glad to hear the good news. I hope you enjoy your jam making afternoon. xx Mary


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