An Indie Celebration!


Fireworks flew high this weekend all over the place in celebration of the 4th. But in the Ology household the Jeannie’s were celebrating Independence day for a whole extra reason. Can you guess what it is dear readers? Here’s a little hint…


This past weekend of the 4th marked the year of the 1st…


The first year of Indie!

Exactly 365 days ago incredible Indie appeared like some sort of mythical, magical creature  – a gift of fate and of such good fortune Ms. Jeannie could hardly stand it.

First photo!
First photo – July 5th, 2014

Since that firecracker day, Indie’s bounded through the year like a champ.

She’s been a devoted roadtripper alongside Ms. Jeannie…


A constant cat cuddler…


An expert mover…


And an ever so enthusiastic blog baker


She graduated from being a book chewer…


to being a *book lover…


She’s figured out the best thunderstorm bunker is the laundry room…


and the best water dish is the front yard bird bath…


She’s run with the wild ones at the dog park…


And enjoyed the quiet contemplation of a summer morning*…


There have been wild wonder field trips… canine to cat conversations… and pretty photo-ops…


A deliciously decadent year of all things dog. Of course, Ms. Jeannie had to ring in the year with a treat – a celebratory cake just for Indie made with peanut butter and apples and frosted with greek yogurt…


Party approved! And most very importantly – puppy approved – 365 days over:) Happy first homecoming to Indie, Miss Independant, Indiana Bones and all the other little nicknames bestowed upon this one free spirit;)

*If you are curious as to what types of books Indie enjoys reading, click here.



13 thoughts on “An Indie Celebration!

  1. Indie is an “angel” of a dog. So, glad her independent spirit lead her straight to you. You two were meant to be!


  2. Happy Birthday, Indiie – I remember July 5th, 2014 when you came into the new life you have now. YOU are one beautiful girl!!!!


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