There’s Going to Be Some Changes Around This Place


Dear readers! There’s going to be some changes around the land of Ms. Jeannie Ology. If you have been a regular reader of the the blog over the past few months you might have noticed a more book-centric theme winding its way through each blog post. After many months of deliberation, in a breakthrough finally come to light thanks to The Artist’s Way, Ms. Jeannie is tailoring both her vintage shop and her blog towards the greatest love in her life (aside from Mr. Jeannie Ology, of course!) … the world of vintage books and the eclectic decorating of the well-appointed library.


What does this mean exactly?

Visually you’ll notice a new banner at the top of the blog as well as in Ms. Jeannie’s Etsy shop. You’ll also notice a new theme running through the veins of every blog post from here on out: a vintage book. Now hold on, there tiger – it doesn’t mean stuffy book reports or boring book reviews. The blog is still going to be all about cooking and decorating, about vintage treasures and about movies and gardening and traveling here and there. It’s just going to tie in a vintage book in one way or another.

Let’s take a look at some past examples of this unique twist…

On August 20th, 2012, there was a post about the curious life and legacy of children’s book author Margaret Wise Brown born from Ms. Jeannie’s introduction to her 1942 bestseller The Runaway Bunny…

the curious life and legacy of margaret wise brown

Another year, another August brought Tuesday in the Kitchen making Chicken with Scallions (or Kotopoulo me Kremidakia Freska)  thanks to a recipe from the 1960’s Art of Greek Cookery cookbook by the clever fund-raising ladies of Long Island’s Greek Orthodox Church…


January 2013 brought an interview with a modern-day French bookbinder who uses antique books as a springboard for her one of a kind handmade journals and guest books…

From the world f Spellbinderie
Love From Lyon: Bookbinding Born From New Beginnings

and in March 2015, the winter landscape was warmed up with a cheery post about the 1948 publication day for world-renowned mineralogist Edgar T. Wherry and his book of wildflowers…

On This Day in 1948: Flowers Bloomed In A Book
On This Day in 1948: Flowers Bloomed In A Book

So you see dear readers, the vintage book to Ms. Jeannie is like a spinning top toy.  Ms. Jeannie as the spinner can twirl a story in a hundred different directions –  all unique, all unusual.  You just never quite know where it all is going to land and that is what makes it fun and exciting. Ms. Jeannie promises to keep it most interesting.

What does this mean as far as vintage items offered in Ms. Jeannie’s shop?

A more literary look! With an eye towards appealing library essentials, you’ll find all sorts of new themed treasures unveiling themselves over the next several months. There will be bigger things like vintage chairs, rugs, wall art and lamps…

Vintage Brass Library Lamp
Vintage Brass Library Lamp

and a collection of smaller things that can be tucked in or on a bookshelf.  Like vintage bookends and one of a kind decorative accent pieces these are the types of details that add life and style to your space…

wood horse

There will also be cozy vintage blankets perfect to curl up with on a cold winter night…

Vintage 1930's Feedsack Cotton Blanket
Vintage 1930’s Feedsack Cotton Blanket

vintage tea cups to keep you hydrated during that book reading marathon of yours and even a few handmade vintage book paper crafts to add whimsy and dimension to your space.

Handmade Book Paper Wreath made from 1930s and 1940s romance novels
Handmade Book Paper Wreath made from 1930s and 1940s romance novels


And of course, there will be plenty of vintage books spanning all genres in the shop as well!  So you get the idea, dear readers. A fun and varied collection of timeless and classic library-ish decor.  Ms. Jeannie is really excited about this newly refined direction.  Cheers to new chapters! And cheers to you dear readers, the very best readers in all the world:)


13 thoughts on “There’s Going to Be Some Changes Around This Place

  1. I love this idea! It is always a challenge to decorate book cases and this will definitely help create that extra bit of charm. Thank you for your ideas!


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