Merry Christmas!


Dear beloved readers…

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas day full of delicious adventures and fun-filled cheer! You are our joy and our happiness throughout the entire year. Thank you so much for indulging in this gigantic, passion-fueled world of culinary curiosity. Cheers to you!

With much love from,

In The Vintage Kitchen


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Today Mr. Jeannie surprised Ms. Jeannie with this love poem. 17 lines. 67 words. 2 people. 1 romance. Ms. Jeannie is ever grateful to be ever in love with this giant heart of a man who matters so much. On this happy day of love dear readers,  may your words be equally as prized by others, whether it be for a spouse or a sibling, a friend or a furry four-leggeder – never underestimate the power of the alphabet:)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Cheers to making the feeling last all year through!