Featured Shop Item: Rachel Cade – A Glimpse into Vintage Africa

Rachel Cade was a popular fiction book written by Charles Mercer in 1956 about a woman who travels to Africa as a medical missionary. Set in the Belgian Congo in the late 1930’s Rachel finds love and adventure in a foreign land plagued by death and disease.  Circumstances lead her to make a life-altering decision regarding the affections of two men that ultimately ties her to Africa forever.  I won’t spoil the ending if you want to read it:)

Selling over 3 million copies in the mid-1950’s it  was translated in 14 languages and in 1961 it was made into a movie called The Sins of Rachel Cade starring Angie Dickinson and Roger Moore.

This is a youtube clip from the movie.

Imagining Rachel’s African world in the 1930’s I picked some vintage items from Etsy that she might have encountered in both her personal life and her professional life while living abroad.

Mini Map of Africa – 1930’s from AmyKristineVintage

1920’s African Adventure Photographs from Lovalon

1930’s-1940’s Antique Suitcase from RevelDelve

1930’s Military Helmet – Child Size from Susantique

1917 Vintage Animal Print – Okapi from AgedPage

Lantern from bobbysBoutique

1930’s Medical Prescription Box from PerAntique

Antique Cotton Swab Jar from NellsVintageHouse

Vintage 1930’s Soviet Medical/Parfume Bottles from Artsob

1930’s Red Cross First Aid Chart from HoofandAntler

Antique Cotton Voile Blouse from TheClassicButterfly

1930’s Vanity Travel Case from BackDoorTreasurers

Original Vintage Photograph from MeetTheInLaws

Purchase Rachel Cade (click the photo)

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