The Natural Disaster and the Postponement

Hello there dear and treasured kitcheners. As you know, Wednesday nights are usually the time when you can catch up on the latest installment of the International Vintage Recipe Tour. I regret to inform you that this week the post is delayed until Friday, due to an ongoing power outage. My lovely and beautiful and cherished city neighborhood was one of the places that was most hard- hit by the tornado that blew through Nashville just after midnight on Tuesday morning. The photo accompanying this post is of one of my favorite restaurants just two blocks away. Sadly, this is by far not the worst site in the neighborhood. It’s been difficult and devastating these past few days,  but luckily the Vintage Kitchen, the Tour, and the spirit behind both, keep the joy and the passion ignited and moving towards sunnier days ahead.

This week our featured country is China, another area of the world dealing with a troubling crisis. Thankfully, our focus this week is anything but bleak. The recipe stemming from this colorful Asian country is delicious and features a unique cooking technique and stylized presentation. I can’t wait to discuss it all with you. Coming up in Friday’s post, there is also special focus placed on a Chinese cultural tradition that is soothing, inspiring and illuminating. I didn’t realize at the time I was pulling all the threads together for this week’s Recipe Tour that it would feature a symbolic lifeline in the Chinese community that would also become a lifeline for me too. But the world is wonderful that way – making us feel unique and universal all at once.  Please come back and visit again on Friday where good recipes await and joy prevails. See you soon.


8 thoughts on “The Natural Disaster and the Postponement

  1. I am so sorry about all you all are dealing with! That is a beautiful neighborhood– was lucky enough to take a walking food tour through several years ago, and was so taken with it! My best to you all as you work to clean up and repair.


    1. Thank you so much Nancy. It has definitely been a hard couple of weeks for sure. How fun that you were on a food tour here! I heard those are great adventures. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Indeed, we have become very spoiled with the restaurant scene in our neighborhood. There’s over a dozen within just a few blocks. Hopefully they will all be back up and running again soon.


  2. I, too, am glad to hear you are safe. It is so heartbreaking to see the videos, but it is also heartwarming, as dear Fred Rogers said, “look for the helpers.” That is so true of our valiant first responders worldwide. God bless!


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