What, Where and Why: The Sociable Side of The Vintage Kitchen

With the launch of the shop finally underway last week, we are doing a little update on all the places where you’ll find the Vintage Kitchen on social media, so that whichever platform is your preference, we’ll stay connected and never miss any of each other’s stories.


A few years ago, our Facebook account got hacked into by some unknown source and we were reticent of ever joining again. But since so many people have asked lately if they can find the Vintage Kitchen there, we’ve dipped our toes back into the water with a new account, and hopefully, this time, a more secure experience (fingers crossed!).  On our Facebook page, you’ll find all our blog posts, Instagram pictures, sale announcements and special event info. Join the fun here.


Instagram is the place for our mini stories – petite versions of blog posts, featured items from the shop, photographs from our daily ramblings around the city, special features from our interviews and vintage recipes that are cooking or cocktailing their way around the vintage kitchen.

To give you an example of what we post… here are our three latest instagrams (posted this past Saturday, Sunday and Monday) where we shared our morning view of the Cumberland River (Sunday), the exciting realization that a spoon we have been using regularly was actually a family heirloom belonging to great, great, great grandmother Clarinda Clellan Brewer (Monday), and a quick backstory of an antique 1890’s serving platter that was recently listed in the shop (Monday). Three days. Three examples. That’s our instagram.

Find us on Instagram here.


Pinterest is the place where we pin everything that inspires us as well as new items added to the shop and photos from our blog posts. At the moment you’ll find 67 boards ranging on all subjects from food to interior design to travel, pets, fashion and gardening. We cover the gamut of a life loved with vintage and then some! Plus you’ll also find some modern day emotional boards like The Sea Will Set You Free, Hand Holders and The Art House.  Some of our latest recently created boards include these…

Clockwise from top left: Urban Revival, Vintage Hair Styles, Balcony Garden, In The Vintage Kitchen, Vintage Summertime, Wrapped Up, Grey Gray and Greyer, Dress Rehearsal, Bound for Britain and Never Enough Ironstone.

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We just recently opened our Tumblr account, so we are still learning our way around there, but this is the spot for artistic shots that don’t make the blog post or instagram feed. They also contain funny little moments that occur behind-the-scenes in the Kitchen – like this one taken the morning that Indie (the Vintage Kitchen pup) ate everything in her breakfast bowl but refused the kale. Oh the insolence!

Find us on Tumblr here.


Twitter is where we mark the day with fast, fun stuff… celebrity birthdays, interesting quotes, quirky facts, favorite music, book recommendations, vintage movie trailers and reposts from other history related blogs like this recent Amelia Earhart bombshell of a theory…

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Stop by and sing a tune with us over on Spotify.  Here you’ll find playlists curated by the Vintage Kitchen featuring different eras and genres spanning the 1920’s through the 1960’s.

Each playlist is curated for different moods of the day as well as for festive occasions like cocktail hour, dinner party music, holiday cheer, etc. Right now we have one list available called Sunny Side Up, which is a peppy, eclectic mix of music from the 20’s-60’s that will get you dancing around the kitchen. Many more lists will be debuting shortly so stay tuned!

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Our newest excitement in the Vintage Kitchen… the long-awaited shop! If you haven’t had a chance to visit yet, stop by to discover vintage and antique kitchenware items for purchase along with custom art and handmade vintage-inspired decorating pieces for your home. Each item comes with its own unique story and inventory evolves on a weekly basis so visit often for new additions. We just added a bunch of very cool vintage cookbooks to the shop, perhaps your favorite one is already waiting for you.

New cookbooks include: June Platt’s New England Cook (1971) ; the very rare YWCA Bangkok Cookbook written in both English and Thai (1961) and the very rare Rx For Slimming (1940)

See what’s new in the shop here.


And last, but not least, we of course, have our happy little gem of a history blog. Since you are reading this announcement on our blog we will assume you are already familiar with all we talk about here, but if you are new – we’ll recap quickly. On the blog, you’ll find a plethora of culinary curiosity which includes recipes, interviews and all types of media centering around the vintage side of the kitchen.  The blog acts like a giant watermelon holding together all the seeds of our social media, so think of it like the mother of all treats.

If you want to just keep abreast with the Vintage Kitchen in one spot, choose the blog because it covers all bases and leads (via links) to all the other above-mentioned forms of social media, except for exclusive sales in the newsletter and behind the scenes photos on Tumblr.

Life moves fast these days. And we know you have your favorites.  The places where you like to hang out, catch up, peruse, ponder. We totally understand that, and we realize there are a lot of choices out there about how to stay informed and not a lot of extra time to stay focused, so we just want to say how much we appreciate your support and camaraderie. Every follow, and every favorite, and every comment, marks a big deal in our lives. We hope to somehow make a big deal in yours as well.  So however you choose to keep in touch with the Vintage Kitchen, whether it be through Twitter or Tumblr or Pinterest, Facebook or the blog, Instagram or the shop, we look forward to spending time with you.

Cheers to all you social butterflies and the communities you build!


Socializing Ms. Jeannie: The Wheres and the Whys


Gearing up for Fall and the busy holiday shopping season ahead, Ms. Jeannie is taking the briefest of moments to highlight where and why you can find her in the world of social media. Besides here on the blog and on Etsy, you can find Ms. Jeannie…

On Twitter:

A retweet from flavorwire
A vintage inspired re-tweet from flavorwire. Bookish business cards!

Here you’ll find Ms. Jeannine tweeting about literary quotes, interesting vintage inspired trends (like the above bookish business cards!), historical fun facts, new shop items, cool places to travel, favorite books and secret sale announcements. Follow Ms. Jeannie on twitter here.

On Instagram:

A sampling of Ms. Jeannie photos on Instagram
A sampling of Ms. Jeannie photos on Instagram

Just recently joined, here you’ll find behind-the-scenes shots of Ms. Jeannie’s blog photo shoots, moments of nature that catch her attention, ideas being crafted in the shop and of course magical moments with Indie – the biggest ham on Instagram! Follow Ms. Jeannie on Instagram here.

On Pinterest:

Some of Ms. Jeannie’s most popular boards include (from left to right): The Vintage House, The Vintage Man and the Vintage Garden

On Pinterest you’ll find a collection of design boards curated by Ms. Jeannie that seamlessly blend vintage items into our contemporary world through decorating, gardening, fashion, cooking, party planning and more. There’s a bit of whimsy floating around that space too! Fun boards include:  Scenes from a Dinner Party Long Ago, True Adventurers and The Vintage Bird. Sign up to follow Ms. Jeannie on Pinterest here.

On Facebook: 

Vintage concrete rabbit bookends available in Ms. Jeannie’s shop.

This is the least utilized of all the social media outlets by Ms. Jeannie at the moment but come September this is where you’ll find new shop items, press mentions, shop sales, vintage item collections and favorite books. Like Ms. Jeannie on Facebook here.

And a big BIG thank you dear readers for encouraging the world of Ms. Jeannie in all the ways that you do. From comments on the blog to social media likes and favorites to individual messages – every single one of your thoughts and clicks counts big time in helping Ms. Jeannie persue her passion. It’s cliche to say she couldn’t do it with out you. But really she couldn’t do it without you.  Thanks for being marvelous.

Please include your social media links in the comments section so we all can find you too!

Reviving Ophelia: An Interview with a Modern Day Pinner

From the pinterest boards of Ophelia’s Renaissance

“And for your part Ophelia, I do wish

That your good beauties be the happy cause

Of Hamlet’s wildness; so shall I hope your virtues

Will bring him to his wonted way again…”

– Queen Gertrude from Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Poetic, romantic, cinematic, storied these are just a few words that Ms. Jeannie would use to describe one of her most favorite pinners on Pinterest – Ophelia’s Renaissance. Beautifully melancholy, just like her namesake, the picture boards of Ophelia’s Renaissance tell a million timeless stories.  From board titles like …


Picked and pleasantly arranged…





to the actual images themselves, Ophelia’s Renaissance is an incredible example of a well-curated theme. Part literary, part history, part high fashion and part dark art, this week we’re stepping behind the screen to learn about a prolific pinner and what inspires the brain behind the boards.

From the board Let's Find A Place Where We Don't Care
From the Ophelia’s REnaissance board Let’s Find A Place Where We Don’t Care

Ms. Jeannie Ology: How long have you been on Pinterest?

Ophelia’s Renaissance: Approximately four years, I believe.

{Ophelia’s Renaissance at present includes over 75 boards and over 100,000 individual images. Clearly this is not something built up in a weekend! That is the wonderful thing about Pinterest and pinners like OR – they represent an exercise in intuition performed in small steps over vast time. It’s putting together a gallery of personal tastes and possibilities. It’s a cultivation of ideas and aesthetics, of conversation and curiosities. It’s a veritable art gallery of thoughts and emotions view-able by anyone anywhere around the world.}

From the board All The World's A Stage
From the board All The World’s A Stage

MJO: What are three words that describe your style?

OR: Elegant, classy, and traditional.

From the boards of Ophelia's Renaissance
From the boards of Ophelia’s Renaissance
From the board For the Home
From the board For the Home

MJO: What do you look for in a pin-worthy picture?

OR: It needs to be visually appealing, or provide some insight.

From the board: Libraries
From the board: Libraries

{Naturally, Ms. Jeannie is drawn to the library photographs!}

From the Board Libraries
From the Board Libraries

MJO:  Tell us a little about yourself (anything you like) work, hobbies, etc.

OR: I am a high school English teacher who enjoys reading and writing. I also love to decorate.

{Pinterest is so inspiring that way! You can gather ideas, dream the day away or simply just pause for a minute and admire  a moment in time captured by a camera. Whether spur of the moment or staged, photography requires thought.}

From the board
From the board

MJO: Of your own boards, which is your most favorite at the moment?

OR: “Resuscitating Ophelia and Virginia” or “Nascent Phase”

Resuscitating on the left, Nascent on the right

(Okay, Ms. Jeannie confesses she had to look up the word nascent which means just coming into existence or beginning to display signs of future potential. A fantastic word! Nascent is O.R. children’s themed board. So clever. This is exactly why Ms. Jeannie is such a fan!}

MJO:  Regarding other people’s Pinterest accounts – which board or person do you most admire?

OR: I honestly don’t have a favorite. I look to different boards for different interests. If I am scrolling through Pins and I am not finding anything, then I revert to those I consider my favorites.

From the board Evoke
From the board Evoke

MJO:  How does Pinterest influence your daily life?

OR: Before I was on Pinterest, I would look forward to receiving my home decorating subscriptions such as Veranda, Traditional Home, Southern Accents, Martha Stewart, Country Home and Country Living. I would escape into these beautiful rooms and cut out pictures so as to try and emulate the designs that caught my eye. I would create binders, so I could remember what it was I wanted to create for my living space. When I was really young, I would cut out beautiful pictures from magazines and post them on my closet doors. Pinterest offers the same escape and allows me to gravitate towards things that I find visually appealing. It also affords me an opportunity to post everything else I enjoy such as books and music. It is just my preferred pretty hang-out when I need to rid myself of stress.

From the board: Evoke
From the board: Evoke

{So well said. In our modern day and age, Pinterest is everyone’s closet door. It’s an escape like Alice in Wonderland’s looking glass or Dorothy’s tornado dream of Oz. It transports you to places you naturally want to go. And just coming off an introspective study of The Artists Way, Ms. Jeannie understands that Pinterest can also serve as both a catalyst and a definitive of who you are and where you wish to go.}

MJO: What’s the story behind the name Ophelia’s Renaissance?

OR: I always wanted to own a store and imagined this as the name. Ophelia, is one of my favorite characters in Shakepeare’s Hamlet. There is something about those who are driven to commit suicide, either in life or fiction, that disturbs, and simultaneously intrigues me. So here, on Pinterest, I have created the rebirth or revival of one of my favorite characters.

From the board Resuscitating Ophelia and Virginia
From the board Resuscitating Ophelia and Virginia

MJO: If you could fall into any Pinterest picture and spend some time there which one would you choose and why?

OR: Again, there are so many pictures that provide a lovely escape, I would find it difficult to pick one.

{Understandably so! The boards of Ophelia’s Renaissance are not for the fly-by-nighters who have just one second of free-time. They are boards meant to be explored and discovered, appreciated and enjoyed.}

Like Hamlet’s tragic heroine, Ophelia beautiful both inside and out, knew the right time – her own time – to make the story her own. Centuries later her quiet impact still inspires.  A fantastic thumbs up to Shakespeare for creating such an indelible character and for modern day English teachers for keeping her spirit alive! Never underestimate the power of pinterest!

From the board The Effect of Fairy Tales
From the board The Effect of Fairy Tales

If you are not familiar with pinterest, Ms. Jeannie highly encourages you to take some time and poke around the site here. Take a little tour around Ophelia’s world here. Find Ms. Jeannie’s pinterest boards here.

From the boards of Ophelia's Renaissance
From the boards of Ophelia’s Renaissance

Do you have a favorite pinner on Pinterest dear readers? If so, please share links and thoughts below!

Hope Is the Thing with Feathers

If you remember from the last post, Hope Is the Thing with Feathers was the book written by Christopher Cokinos  that inspired the artistry of Todd McGrain. Ms. Jeannie just realized that the title came from a poem by this woman…

Do you recognize her?
Do you recognize her?

Emily Dickinson. She wrote the poem in 1861 at the age of 31.

Here it is in full:

Hope is the thing with feathers 
That perches in the soul, 
And sings the tune–without the words, 
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard; 
And sore must be the storm 
That could abash the little bird 
That kept so many warm.

I’ve heard it in the chillest land, 
And on the strangest sea; 
Yet, never, in extremity, 
It asked a crumb of me.

 – Emily Dickinson

It was written during the time in her life where Emily was just beginning to withdraw from public life. She spent her days at home, her birthplace,  the Homestead house in Amherst, MA surrounded by family and a few close friends.

Emily Dickinson's Homestead in Amhearst, MA
Emily Dickinson’s Homestead in Amhearst, MA

The house sat on 14 acres and was surrounded by trees and gardens where Emily drew inspiration for her poetry and writings.  There were plentiful garden beds where she would watch the birds dive and dart – the notions and assimilations fluttering about her mind.

It’s wonderful to think that Emily’s writing is still cause for inspiration over 150 years later and for such a noble book and equally noble art project as commemorating the lost birds of America.  Here she was, a reclusive soul,  interpreting the world how she saw it by putting thoughts to paper in Victorian era America, and now, free like all birds are, her words have taken flight to protect the very subjects she so admired. Ms. Jeannie just loves this. How one bit of creativity can spark another. You just never know how your words can affect others – so pick good ones, dear readers – they might just bloom into something extraordinary when you are least expecting it:)

Emily Dickinson, the wise. Photo via pinterest.
Emily Dickinson, the wise. Photo via pinterest.





Mad Men Season 6: What the New Poster Might Tell Us!

It’s just a few short weeks until  Mad Men returns (Sunday, April 7th!) and Ms. Jeannie cannot wait! The new season 6 poster was released just last week. In case you missed it, here it is…

Mad Men Season 6 poster. Photo courtesy of collider.com
Mad Men Season 6 poster. Photo courtesy of collider.com

Ms. Jeannie always anticipates these posters! It’s a little sneak-peak about what’s ahead in the coming months!  The new season 6 poster is quite different stylistically then the previous year’s posters…

Mad Men Season 5 poster. Image courtesy of huffingtonpost.com
Mad Men Season 5 poster. Image courtesy of huffingtonpost.com
Mad Men Season 4 poster. Photo courtesy of collider.com
Mad Men Season 4 poster. Photo courtesy of collider.com
Mad Men Season 3 poster. Photo courtesy of collider.com
Mad Men Season 3 poster. Photo courtesy of collider.com (Ms. Jeannie’s favorite poster!)
Mad Men Season 2 poster
Mad Men Season 2 poster
Mad Men Season 1 poster. Courtesy of screened.com
Mad Men Season 1 poster. Courtesy of screened.com

As you can see from the Season 6 poster, along with the new season brings a whole new style and a break from the clean, crisp, clear, ultra mod photography that was Mad Men as we knew it.  Ms. Jeannie can only guess, based on the new poster, that this season will be edgier, more chaotic and less orderly than previous episodes. Oh the anticipation!

The artist behind this season’s poster is Brian Sanders, a UK illustrator that was specifically commissioned for this project due to work he did over 40 years ago. That’s a pretty powerful portfolio!

In the 1960’s Brian was working on projects like this…

Brian Sanders illustrations circa 1967. Photos courtesy of livejournal.com
Brian Sanders illustrations circa 1967. Photos courtesy of livejournal.com
Illustrations from Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. Photo courtesy of feedbagblog.blogspot.com
Brian Sanders’ 1968  illustrations from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Photo courtesy of feedbagblog.blogspot.com
Photo credit leifpang via flickr
Brian Sander’s illustration for Women’s Mirror in 1964. Photo credit leifpang via flickr

That one looks sort of familiar, doesn’t it? You can definitely see the similarities of that image and the Season 6 poster right down to the police, the stop sign and the airplane in back. Even the colors are close.

Mad Men Season 6 poster. Photo courtesy of collider.com
Mad Men Season 6 poster. Photo courtesy of collider.com

This style of illustration was coined bubble and streak, which was mastered through the use of acrylic paints layered with opaque washes. Ulimately, this combination  achieved this sort of agitated textured look that boasts of energy and movement. Mad men’s creator, Matthew Weiner remembered this style of work the 60’s and wanted to imitate his style in the new season poster.  The marketing department for the show couldn’t quite capture what Weiner had in mind, so the creative team called in the expert. Who better to imitate the style then the actual artist?! And so Sanders was hired!

And we are left to speculate!

Final scene of Mad Men Season 5. Photo courtesy via pinterest.com
Final scene of Mad Men Season 5. Photo courtesy via pinterest.com

Mad Men Season 5 ends with the scene of Joan and Don in the bar. The year is 1967 and lots of questions go unanswered as the final scene plays out. Ms. Jeannie has her hunches. 1968 brings a turbulent time in American history.  Martin Luther King and Senator Robert Kennedy are assassinated,  birth control is banned by the Pope, Jackie Kennedy marries Aristotle Onassis, moon exploration booms with the launch of Apollo 7 and the orbit of Apollo 8, fear of the nuclear bomb  plants itself in American mindsets. Times are shifting in ways  that no one is prepared for and the nostalgic sense of traditional Americana begins to dim as political events heat up.

If we return to the poster with those circumstances in mind – the Ology household has come up with these possibilities for Season 6…

Mr. Jeannie Ology thinks that the police in the poster…


are there for Don in the form of an IRS scandal with his Dick Whitman persona.  Ms. Jeannie thinks that the police might involve some sort of DUI stop with Don or one of the other partners. Breathalyzers were just installed in all NY state trooper cars in 1968 , and we all know that the Mad Men gang were used to enjoying their libations and then getting in the car – so this might be an example of the changing times that the show is so good at subtly portraying (remember that garbage incident when Don and Betty and kids picnicked in the park?).

There is Don giving a passing glance to his old self, and the tight grasp of a female handhold…


which Ms. Jeannie thinks reconfirms his assurance in his new life with Megan. He no longer wants to rely on his old ways with all of his womanizing and manic episodes of not knowing who he truly is. In season 6, Ms. Jeannie thinks Don has finally figured himself out.

The firm! Photo courtesy via pinterest.com
The firm! Photo courtesy via pinterest.com

Ms. Jeannie also thinks that Joan will become a partner in company name also – a change from last year’s Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce to Sterling Cooper Draper Harris, now that Lane is no longer (sad, because Ms. Jeannie really liked his character!).  Mr. Jeannie Ology speculates that Roger Sterling is going to die of a heart attack, since his health has always been a simmering undercurrent in the storyline. And Ms. Jeannie thinks that Peggy will come back to the firm.

Whatever happens, Ms. Jeannie knows that it is going to be an interesting season! Do you have any speculations about the new season? What do you think about the new poster? Please post your comments below – it will be fun to hear everyone weigh in!!!

Nature’s Gum Balls: Discovering the World Around Us

All of November and December, Ms. Jeannie was waiting for this one particular tree in her yard to drop its seed pods…




They have these wonderful round pods that  Ms. Jeannie thought would look fabulous strung together in garlands for her mantel, on her Christmas tree as part of her natural ornaments and maybe on a wreath for her front door. This is what the pods look like up close…



They sort of reminded Ms. Jeannie of stars, especially when she was looking up at them hanging so high in the trees!  Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other ideas, because these little stars didn’t fall until just two days ago, long past holiday time.

Now there are hundreds upon hundreds covering the ground. Ms. Jeannie could have made a million miles worth of garland!

Curious as to what type of tree these little beauties belonged to, Ms. Jeannie did some research and as it turns out, they are from the Sweet Gum tree, which is indiginous to North America, Mexico and Central America.  The gum tree has been around since pre-historic times and is actually classified as a living fossil. It is one of the oldest recorded trees in history.  Goodness gracious.

Ms. Jeannie found this information fascinating because the shape of the pods reminded her of some other-wordly items like the spiked wrecking ball weapons from the Middle Ages…

Ironically, you can buy these on ebay for $20.00!
Ironically, you can buy these on ebay for $20.00!

Or those crazy underwater sea urchins…

Sea Urchin from the Getty Collection
Sea Urchin from the Getty Collection

The sweet gum pods (or gum balls, as they were nicknamed)  are actually known as the tree’s fruit and contain one to two seeds within each pod.  The trees can grow up to to 120′ feet tall and the leaves turn beautiful colors in the fall. Ms. Jeannie estimates her tree to be about 80′ feet and is indeed one of the tallest in her yard.

Here is an example of a sweet gum in the summer…

Sweet Gum tree photo courtesy of scstrees.com
Sweet Gum tree photo courtesy of scstrees.com

and in the Autumn…

Sweet Gum in Fall photo courtesy of flickr.com
Sweet Gums in Fall photo courtesy of flickr.com

This species of tree was first recorded by Spanish naturalist, Francisco Hernandez de Toledo in the 1500’s.

Spanish naturalist and physician Francisco Hernandez de Toledo (1514-1587).
Spanish naturalist and physician Francisco Hernandez de Toledo (1514-1587).

Francisco was the court physician to the King of Spain and in 1570 was sent to the New World on a botany trip  specifically to study medicinal plants. In his journals, he noted the sweet gum tree bark as having a fragrant juice resembling liquid amber.  Indeed, this liquid amber is where the tree got its name. Native Americans taught pioneers in America how to peel the resin  from the bark and chew it  in order to quench thirst, thus making it one of the first chewing gums in America.

The sweet gum tree was introduced in Europe in the 1600’s, planted in the gardens at Fulham Palace in London by way of Reverend botanist John Bannister, who had traveled to Virginia to bring back exotic tree cuttings like the magnolia, black walnut and cork oak among others – all of which are still represented in the palace gardens today.

The gardens at Fulham Palace, London. Photo courtesy of geograph.org
The gardens at Fulham Palace, London. Photo courtesy of geograph.org

Throughout history the resin found in the gum tree has been used homeopathically  to heal a host of ailments from skin conditions to bronchial infections.  Likewise, it’s wood has been used commercially in the manufacture of low-grade hardwood products, plywood, crates, furniture and as an ebony wood alternative.

Ms. Jeannie had no idea, her tree was so useful! Now having learned all this , she is going to go out with a plastic bin and collect all the gumballs so she will be sure to have enough for her 2013 holiday crafts…

Place Cards
Place Cards
Holiday wreath lightly spray painted white makes it look frosty!
Holiday wreath lightly spray painted white makes it look frosty!

Ms. Jeannie pinned these pictures above to her Historic Holiday board on pinterest, plus a few others. Stop by and see them here.  She can’t help but think that these would be lovely spring wedding decorations for table decor or used in bridal bouquets – especially if you were having a spring outdoor wedding.  These sweet gums are full of rustic charm and potential!

If you have any creative ideas about other ways Ms. Jeannie can use the little beauties, please send a message!




Ms. Jeannie Joins Pinterest!

With such wealth of imagination and inspiration on Pinterest who could resist? If you are unfamiliar with Pinterest – it is like a visual bulletin board where you can gather pictures from all over the internet into one tidy little space. It’s agreat way to figure out what appeals to you in an aesthetic way.  And it spans all aspects of life: cooking, decorating, clothing, party planning, pets, kids, travel – so you are well covered.

Here’s Ms. Jeannie’s page:

Ms. Jeannie's now on pinterest!
Ms. Jeannie’s now on pinterest!

Ms. Jeannie likes to peruse it for new ways to decorate with vintage items and for a dose of daily daydreaming. She could easily get lost for hours!

So far, she has set up 11 boards (but  over time this will probably grow and grow and GROW!). Here is what she’s started with… click on each picture to go directly to that board to see more related photos…

The Vintage House

The Vintage House
Inside this board, you’ll find all sorts of vintage home decor items and historic house photographs.

The Vintage Wardrobe

This board contains iconic styles throughout history. This photo by Tom Palumbo.
This board contains iconic styles throughout history. This photo is by Tom Palumbo.

The Vintage Garden

This board contains historic garden designs and layouts. This pear tree allee is modeled after a garden in Historic Williamsburg, VA.
This board contains historic garden designs and layouts. This pear tree allee is modeled after a garden in Historic Williamsburg, VA.

The Antique Bookshelf

This board contains all  relating to old books: library design, cover art,  bookplates, etc.
This board contains all things relating to old books: library design, cover art, bookplates, etc.

The Antique Art House

This board contains old art, photograph and interesting ways to display them.  This rabbit sketch is by J Van Noate.
In this board you’ll find old art and interesting ways to display it. This rabbit sketch is by J Van Noate.

Faceless Portraits

Ms. Jeannie has always been captivated by faceless portraits. Often when she paints, she does not include faces on her figures.
This a whimsy board! Ms. Jeannie has always been captivated by faceless portraits.  Here, you’ll see a wide range of them!

The Vintage Dog

Ms. Jeannie's friend has a wall of antique dog art that  is absolutely stunning. She collects all different types and then clusters them close together collage-style n the wall. Who resist such faces!
Ms. Jeannie’s friend has a wall of antique dog art that is absolutely stunning. He collects all different types and then clusters them close together collage-style on the wall. Who could resist such faces!

The Vintage Man

This board contains a variety of contemporary ways to dress your man in vintage clothes as well as interesting masculine decor and items for him
This board contains a variety of contemporary ways to dress your man in vintage clothes as well as interesting masculine decor and items for him.

The Historic Holiday

Here you will find vintage holiday decorating ideas. Classic designs with a hint of nostalgia.
Here you will find vintage holiday decorating ideas for all celebrations throughout the year. Classic designs with a hint of nostalgia.

The Vintage Cloth

Here you'll find vintage fabrics and unique ways to display them.
This board contains all things related to vintage fabrics and unique ways to display them. These framed beauties above are vintage handkerchiefs.

The Family Tree

And of course, Ms Jeannie has to have a genealogy board! This one is dedicated to unique family trees.
And of course, Ms Jeannie has to have a genealogy board! This one is dedicated to unique family trees.

Stop by and have a peek…click here to go directly to Ms. Jeannie’s Pinterest page. Or for future reference, you can click on the blue front door photo in the side bar.  If you are on Pinterest, please let Ms. Jeannie know so that she can keep up with all your pins too!